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Ahh, Complications

Today I learned about an interesting little treaty known as the Schengen Agreement that created an essentially borderless region throughout the member countries – most of the countries in the EU. This makes border crossings much easier once you’ve entered one country in the Schengen Area. That sounds good, right? Yep. So, why complications? Because [...]


Bodhi, originally uploaded by stuart updegrave. The head of the Buddha entwined in the roots of a Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa), Ayuthaya, Thailand. Taken in February 2008. (testing Flickr => blog integration)

Resolving logistical issues

This was a good week for planning. There have been a number of looming Big Questions, and I found tentative answers this week to three of the largest. Q: How do I get from Europe to Egypt? A: The first reasonably scheduled item on my itinerary after getting to Europe is to make it to [...]

Travel Medicine FAIL

I showed up this afternoon at the main UW Medical Center on campus for my appointment with Travel Medicine – got directions from the information desk to head down to the 2nd floor, room 240. Get to 2nd floor – no signs anywhere for Travel Medicine. A nurse guy asks if he can help me, [...]