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Creature Comforts

I’ve meant to write for a few weeks now on a few additions to the bike and my general kit which have made a world of difference in my physical comfort and ease of navigation in Europe. First off, I replaced the saddle that came stock with the bike. It was far too soft for [...]

Not Sorting Out At All

When I arrived in the UK, my first stop was Dover, to see the famed White Cliffs. Which are lovely. After that, it’s been a bit of a debacle. My first night here I spent nearly five hours looking for a hotel room, finally falling into an available bed at nearly 4am after riding until [...]

Images of Brugge

As previously promised, here are a few photos from my visit to Brugge: A residential street close to the city center.   The smallest, narrowest alley in the city. The stairs in the lower middle go to Staminee De Garre, a delightful tavern with more than 100 Belgian beers in the bottle.   A view [...]

Two nights in Brugge

I am in love, and it makes me hurt. Brugge, Belgium is quite possibly the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I’m staying just three minutes’ walk to the center square, and I’ve walked there three times in the 24 hours I’ve been here so far. I have, for the first time since arriving [...]

Photo: Thatched Roof

An example of the thatched roofs which are quite prevalent in northern Germany and the Netherlands. This building is a childrens’ hospice in Husum, DE, a lovely little town on the North Sea.

Fairy Tales on the Landscape

While riding in Germany last week, I came across this fairytale setting. I have no idea the name of this castle.

Copenhagen View

Copenhagen View

The most glorious view from the 15th-floor apartment I stayed in while in Copenhagen. There are very few buildings more than 6 floors high, so I could see an immense unobstructed swath of the city.  

A Land Defined By Water

Consider for a moment a lush, pastoral coastal floodplain (those of you from Washington might consider the Skagit Valley or Nisqually Delta). Fill the countryside with farms, fields full of cattle, sheep and horses. Toss in the occasional small town, all the homes and buildings made of brick. Now stretch this out over six hundred [...]

Wir fahren, fahren, fahren auf der Autobahn

As has been previously noted in this space, I generally despise highway riding. This is due in part to a disinclination for high-speed riding, but more to the unpleasant experience of being overtaken by semis, trapped in the fast lane behind people going the speed limit +/- 5MPH, people careening wildly from lane to lane [...]

Smukke København

Copenhagen is a beautiful (smukke) city, particularly from the 15th-floor view of Annette’s (my couchsurfing host) apartment. I’ve been here two days, and have decided to stay two more, because a) one of my longest-held friends from WA is coming here tomorrow and b) I really quite like it here! I arrived Friday evening, and [...]

A Quick One While He’s Away

Just a quick note: I’m still here. I’ve just been too busy riding and visiting old friends and making new ones to write much of late. But I have several posts rattling around in my head, so there will be more coming in the near future.

Across the Pond

So. I’m in Europe now. I guess this thing is really happening. I left Toronto in the wee hours of Thursday morning, several hours later than anticipated. This is due to the fact that some unnamed vehicle ran into the wing of our designated plane. Of course we weren’t informed of this until all the [...]

Phase One, Exeunt

Tonight I make the Big Leap, after six weeks crossing the United States and two days in Canada. Tomorrow I’ll wake up on the approach to Frankfurt, and the start of Phase Two. I’ve spent the last week working my way up the East Coast, with lots of visits along the way (seeing friends along [...]