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Five Days of Beauty (and Rain)

Over the course of last weekend and early this week, I spent five days riding from Barcelona to Munich. My route crossed many beautiful places, from the coastal Pyrenees, through the wine regions of Languedoc-Rousillon and Provence, up and over the Alps from France to Italy, thence to the low agricultural plains of northwestern Italy, [...]

Going Nowhere

[If you're not interested in Burning Man and its culture, you might want to skip this one.] At the beginning of July, after spending a month in northern Europe, I pointed southward, destination: Nowhere. The Nowhere Festival is an eight-year-old festival inspired by Burning Man, held in the Aragon desert of northern Spain. Many of [...]

Fashion, Turn To The Left

Fashion, Turn To The Left

My friend Monika, with whom I am staying while in London, is a talented costumer in addition to being a living statue and mime performer. The other day, she generously asked me to do a rather impromptu photo shoot of her and her friend Marta in some of the costumes she’s made. Being a big [...]

Beauty of the UK Countryside

After my first frustrating night in England, my travels here have been delightful, interspersed with wonder at the sheer beauty of the landscape. I spent a couple days visiting a friend in Nottingham, then northward to Glasgow where I stayed in a hostel for a night, ate haggis, drank Scottish ale and slept well. The [...]