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In The Meantime …

I am going to (try to) start interspersing shorter, more off-the-cuff posts with the big missives I’ve been writing lately. I want to update this space more frequently than I have been – partly to keep a better record of my travels for future reference, partly to reassure folks at home that all is well. [...]

Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague

Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague

Yesterday I visited the old Jewish Quarter in Prague and toured the Jewish Museum, which spans multiple sites in the area. We toured the Pinkas Synagogue (built in the 16th century, now a Holocaust memorial) and the Spanish Synagogue (built in the 19th century, Moorish influenced interior, houses documents relating to the history of Jews [...]

Carpathian Countryside

Looking down into the valley near Simeria, Romania after my attempt to detour around a traffic jam was thwarted by the path forking in four directions, none obviously heading the way I wanted.


Field of sunflowers outside Bulgarus, Romania.  

A Week In Romania

I recently spent most of a week in Romania, much of that time spent attending a big traditional Hungarian wedding celebration for two friends from Seattle (the groom is Romanian by birth, Hungarian by blood). While there, I experienced some lovely riding including a few epic off-road adventures, and was quite charmed by the country [...]