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J’aime …

… la France. Wow, I’ve really loved my time in France. I’ve been all over in the last month: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Lyon, Medoc, Nantes, Mont Saint-Michel, Paris, Tours, Dijon, (back to) Lyon, Grenoble, Gap, Digne-les-Bains, Aix-en-Provence. Currently I’m in Cassis for a couple of days, then on to Nice for a week. Such a diverse country [...]

Mont Saint-Michel

Here is a selection of images from my recent visit to Mont Saint-Michel, a fortified island on the coast of Normandy, France. After having just finished reading the five books so far in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, I really felt as if I’d wandered into one of the keeps of [...]

Alpine Images

For this one, I’m going light on words – just some photos from my week-long trip through the Alps, captioned for location. (As always, clicking on an image embedded in the post will take you to a larger version.)

Requisite Eiffel Tower Photo

When one visits Paris, one photographs the Eiffel Tower. Here’s mine.

Luscious Lunches

Luscious Lunches

Dining in France is truly delightful, as many of you probably know – and others surely suspect. In the last several days I have had two fantastic lunches, detailed below. It is not my intention to torment my readers, yet I suspect that despite this, that will be the effect for some. For this, I [...]

Potato Chips as Cultural Indicator

I like potato chips and other crunchy-salty-savory snacks. Back home, I don’t eat them often, but I do indeed like them. A little ways into my trip, I started noticing that each country has their own peculiar twist when in comes to flavoring potato chips. On this trip to date, my favorite flavors have been: Ham, [...]

For Inquiring Minds (France! Wine! Food!)

Since a few people have asked what wine I’ve been drinking in France … When I go out to a brasserie, I usually just have whatever house rosé or rouge they have, depending on what I’m eating. Generally I don’t bother asking what it is, I just cheerfully accept it. When I was staying with [...]

A Tale of Three Cities

I’ve enjoyed a much more leisurely pace for most of August, spending a week each in Budapest, Prague and Vienna. These cities have many similarities, architecturally, culturally and otherwise, but each has its own unique feel and flair. This period has been my most relaxed and tourist-oriented of my trip thus far, and while it [...]